Yeayy 7 besties were in Japan!! Japan ok Jaaaapaaannnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

hekhek takdalahh. Japan mendanya. Kuantan sudah lah hahaha! So my friends and I were in Japan, eh Kuantan. we were in Kuantan last 2days. I can say that it is my veeeeerrry 1st twoime in Kuantan. really really Kuantan. it was just a short fast trip there. we checked in emmm takleh bagitau sekarang la haha baca la sampai habis kahkah!


tadaaaaa!!! we checked in at Sg Lembing, Pahang. I swear you it is so so so so so so far far far away 60km from Kuantan and Teluk Cempedak. duit pun habis kat minyak jelah nakkk haha. we choose Japanese Cabin House! it is T-Box House actually. very pedalaman and hutan and up on the hill. sejukk! habis pintu pun cair bila on aircond to highest temperature ahaha! about the rate per night : RM220 (weekdays) RM260 (weekends) 

talking about the interior design, cehhh interior kau haha. ok approaching about the interior, it is soooo nice and cute! bukak je pintu tu wahhh so cantikk! very japanese and calming! there have small japanese dining table w 4 seater, such a great toilet, nice balcony, very comfortable bed to sleep, and big space to walk around in the room. and they also provide water dispenser
 in the room! morning view pun sangat cantik! it is covered by kabus! so noice lah! the cabin exterior design pun cool je totally looks like japanese and there also hv few of rooms w different design. ha nampak betapa aku memuji about the cabin house ngehngeh. must try!!

We did a lantern night! teluk cempedak lah mana lagi. takkan teluk tempoyak pulak kan ops hahaha sorry saiyangs! my friend bought few lantern papers through insta shop and we wrote down the name and notes and light up the fire and fly it to the sky. awwhhh dah macam raya cina aku rasa hahaha! and everyone was approaching us on that time, they came and ask "em korang beli ni katmana yea?" and few more questions. ahaha siap request to take our picture while holding lantern lagi hahaha tak lama lagi viral lah tu kihkihkih. so we went back to our house like almost 1h to get there ...

 DAY 2

hmm. we planned to wake up at 5am for hiking. at last masing masing bangun pukul 6.30am. mana taknya kalau dah sampai bilik pukul 3 stengah then tido pulak pukul 4. ha ko ghaseeeee? ke laut lah jawabnya. alarm sekor sekor pun tak dengar. orang call baru dengar ahaha. so bangun siap siap jugak and shoot to hiking place. memula try jela naik 20steps. then macam hm nak naik lagi lah. ok try lagi another 30steps. ok naik lagi. em naik lagi lah. yeay dah sampai atas. fuhh semput. em naik lagi! yeay no more tangga!! jalan lek lek je. fuh bestnyaaaaaa!! erkkk .. kenapa masih ada tangga lagii?? haaaa ada tangga lagi need to go through halahhhhhhhhhh! ingatkan dah habis hm pitipitipu. dahtu nak taknak naik jugak lah tangga tangga kejayaan tu. pancit ko haha dengan tak warm up nyaaa. main bedal je hiking.

ok seriously it was my very 1st twime of hiking! been craving for this thinngyy but biasalah no chance to do and takda gang. sedih haha. so finally i did it! i did it to walk up and walk down without partner and couple k yelah since everyone coming with couple and i was like alah aku pun boleh gak aaaaaaaaa huh. the view up there was sooo sooo breathtaking and calming! thankyou #7besties for making my dream comes true hehe!

after finished of hiking, we were shoot to air terjun sg pandan, panching, sg tembeling! haaaa so lovely and wonderful! it was my 2nd time being at waterfall ok hahaha sedih betul not having adventure life huahua. yelah ko tau kan aku dulu anak manja emmmm. ok so scenery sangat sangat cantik i loike so much the view of waterfall going down cantik gilllss!!! please la try please antek angat!

emm so, settled la few activities we did. but seriously, i still dont get my kula cakes craving since they closed on deepavali alahai frust gila kot. takpalah maybe they want me to visit them again and again ahahaha. i was really enjoyed with this short but sweet vacay! i want more! 

the conclusion is, kuantan is a nice place to visit mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

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