Alhamdulillah. I am officially 20th! hehe syukur dah doploh tahun hidup and masih dipanajngkan umur. syukur. after all the tests, challenges, hardships, pain, I have been through I am finally deserved to be at this 20th century uols! 

I learn everything new in my life. The whole of my life I have learnt not to rely on people too much, dont give a shit to people, dont make promises, don put very high expectation, dont rush things, dont make decision when youre in angry mood and, keep moving on even things go wrong. And the most important thing I have learnt is Allah will replace us with more good things if we let go something that is not meant for us. Cause what is not meant for us will forever be NOT. What past is remain past. I make mistakes. I cant even undo errors that I have done. Lets erase it and remove everything from mind. Life is not bad, until people make it one. 

With this unexpected surprises from each of everyone, I feel so honoured to receive this. What I have done to get all this kindness and love from them la haha. Million thanks and loves for them! May Allah repay and rewards them better than I have received. 

I am looking forward and more exciting to explore far this life! Adios everyone! 

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